Going at a zoo and getting to be around animals all day long may seem like a lot of fun, but that doesn’t mean it is without challenges. Just ask the man in the video below.
Rick Swope was excepting to be just another ordinary day at the Detroit Zoo, but the unthinkable happened. The man was standing close to the enclosure where the chimpanzees are kept when he saw and heard other zoo visitors screaming.
When he looked inside the enclosure, he saw that one of the chimps had slipped into the moat surrounding that area of the zoo. Most likely, the chimpanzees had chased each other and one of them fall into the water.
The poor animal was in serious danger of drowning and was fighting for its life. But Rick knew it was only a matter of time until the chimp lost all of his strength. So he decided to do something to help the struggling animal.
In an act of unimaginable bravery, the man scaled the enclosure wall and dove right into the water to save the chimpanzee that was desperately looking at the crowd for help. The entire rescue operation was caught on video, and it will most likely make your palms sweat.
You need to see this!