Yulissa is the first licensed Zumba instructor with Down syndrome, and she’s inspiring her students to follow their dreams

There’s a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about people with Down Syndrome, and the conversation often seems to revolve around what those who have this condition can’t do.
Luckily, there are incredible individuals like the young woman in the video below who are leading a revolution meant to change mindsets simply by being themselves.
Yullissa Aresncurenga is the first licensed Zumba instructor with Down syndrome, and she is breaking down stereotypes one Zumba lesson at a time. The young woman used to memorize Zumba routines for six years, and she has now fulfilled her long lasting dream of becoming a certified trainer.
Aside from helping people stay in shape and be the best version of themselves, Yullissa hopes to also encourage people to go after what they want and stop doubting themselves through her fitness lessons.
The 24-year-old first set her sights on becoming a Zumba instructor after attending a class in 2008. She instantly fell in love with it and decided it was something she wanted to do in the future and maybe even pursue as a career. And even though the cards seemed stacked against her, she managed to fulfil her dream proving once more that the only limit that truly exists is the one you set for yourself.


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