Youthful Contortionist Terrifies The Judges With An Amazing Act

Do you remember what you were up to when you were 14-years-old? If you’re anything like most of us, then you were probably spending most of your day pooping your zits in the bathroom and arguing with your mom and dad about your homework.
Well, times have changed, my friends.
Teenagers these days are a lot more mature and focused on what they are trying to achieve. They are hardworking and determined. That’s if we were to judge all teenagers based on watching this 14-year-old perform in front of the judges at America’s Got Talent.
Sofie Dossi is definitely not your average teenage girl, however. While most girls her age are interested in fashion and boys, Sofie spends most of her free time exercising and improving her technique.
You see, the young woman has a hobby that is very unusual, to say the least. Sofie is an amazing balancer and contortionist, but she also likes playing with fire. And we mean that literally. The audience and the judges held their breath all through her on-the-edge performance.
This is something you need to see to believe, so take a look:

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