Hobbies are extremely important when it comes to lowering your stress level by keeping you engaged in something you truly enjoy doing. And the great part is that hobbies come in all shapes and sizes. From knitting to scuba diving, there’s something for everybody.
And in the case of the young boy in the video below, that something is going thrift shopping. You may be surprised when I tell you the boy is still in junior high, but he has an eye for spotting treasures.
He proved it when he brought in a painting he found at an auction in South Jersey on the set of an episode of Antiques Roadshow, a show in which antiques appraisers travel to various regions of the United Kingdom to appraise antiques brought in by local people. Right off the bat, the appraiser told the boy he is one of the youngest collectors he’s ever met.
And after analyzing the painting who cost the boy a couple of bucks, the appraiser shocked everyone when he revealed how much the work of art is actually worth. As it turned out, the watercolor was painted back in the late 19th century by a Dutch artist by the name of Albert Neuhuys.
Curious to find out how much the painting is worth? Then make sure to watch the video below. You’re not going to believe what the actual price tag of the painting is! This kid made a huge profit, so he has every chance of becoming a highly-successful business man one day.