Young Woman Holds Out Hand To Grandpa. In No Time Their Dance Moves Win Over The Internet

Dancing is one of the few things that all people enjoy, at any age. It’s something that brings people together and brings out the best in us. That is definitely the case of the young woman in the video below and her grandfather.
But for them two, dancing to their favorite songs is more than just a way to unwind and have some fun together. You see, the man suffers from Alzheimer, which means that some days are better than others for him. There are days when he feels confused and overwhelmed by his lack of memory, but dancing with his granddaughter Rachael is something that always makes him feel better.
There have been numerous studies that showed that dancing does an amazing job stimulating one’s mind, which in time contributes to improving mental health. However, there is no need for a study to see just how happy dancing makes this man feel. Just by judging from his face expression, it’s safe to say dancing is one of his favorite things to do.
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