Back in 2013, Amira Willighagen, a 9-year-old girl, dazzled the judges at Holland’s Got Talent when she stepped on stage and started singing opera like a true professional. Then, the judges and everyone else watching the show at home were completely shocked to find out that Amira actually taught herself how to sing this genre of music by watching YouTube video.
As you may already know, opera singing requires a special technique that can take years to master, but it seems that Amira was destined to sing it. Her talent didn’t go unnoticed and Amira’s performance at Holland’s Got Talent opened a lot of doors for her.
One of those doors led her to meeting Andrea Rieu, the man who dubbed the true King of Romance, having sold a massive 40 million CDs and DVDs and notched 30 Nr. 1 chart positions worldwide.
Rieu was immediately impressed by the girl’s exquisite talent and invited her to be a part of his world-famous shows. In the video below, you can listen to Amira perform “O Holy Night” at a Christmas concert that took place two years ago at Saint-Jacobs church in The Hague, Netherlands.
You are going to love this!