Young man nails the chorus to “Dance with My Father.” Even Simon can’t help but raise his hands

Many hopeful singers have stepped on stage at X-Factor to showcase their voice and possibly their journey to fame and fortune. One of those singers was an eighteen-year-old named Joseph McElderry.
The young man from South Shields in the United Kingdom auditioned for a place in the competition back in 2009, but his performance is still getting plenty of views on YouTube – and for good reason.
He sang “Dance with My Father”, and he did it flawlessly. Even the toughest of the judges, Simon Cowell, appreciated what he did on stage. Although he was only a teenager back then with no experience performing on a big stage on front of a big audience, his incredible voice managed to shine through.
In addition to his talent, the judges were also impressed by his natural charisma and optimistic outlook on life. But maybe one of the best parts of the video below is when Joseph talks about his family. All of his loved ones were right there in the audience cheering for him.
You can’t go wrong in life when you have such an incredible family who supports your dreams and encourages you to pursue them.

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