Young Homeless Girl Sits Alone Begging for Help. Pay Close Attention to Woman in Red Plaid

In most states across America, panhandling is not illegal, so it’s something that most of us have become used to seeing on a day-to-day basis. In fact, begging for money has become so common, that many people have developed an insensibility to it and the people who practice it. More often than not, we choose to ignore it.
But could you ignore a homeless girl sitting on the street, begging for help? Robby TV on YouTube wanted to find out how people would react to seeing a girl asking passersby for help, so he put together a social experiment to get answers.
He asked a young actor for help and positioned her on a busy street in the city with a sign that read “Homeless and hungry. Please help.” The first few people who saw her chose to ignore her, but then a woman dressed in red plaid saw her, and what she did next will restore your faith in humanity.
As it was later revealed, the woman knows way too well the struggles of being homeless and having no one to help you. That’s because she used to be homeless herself, so she was able to empathize with the little girl she saw on the street. Take a look:

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