Young girl hides behind pony, but it’s his next move that’s lighting up the Internet

There are few kids out there who didn’t wish they had a pony growing up, and it’s understandable why. Horses are awesome to be around. Not only are they playful and loving but they are also compassionate and always up to go for a nice walk.
Horses are awesome, and the kind of bond that can form between a horse and his human caretaker is a truly special one, based on trust. Well, there’s definitely a lot of trust between the young girl and horse in the video below, and their connection is a strong one.
How can we know for sure? You see, when a horse truly trusts his caretakers, he lets them get close to them and even touch them without as much as flinching once. The young girl in the clip not only gets close to her horse but she actually scratches him as well. And the horse’s reaction is one of the best things I’ve seen all week.
It’s obvious that the horse is not at all scared. On the contrary, he enjoys every single second of receiving friendly scratches from his beloved caretaker.
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