You’ll never believe the sound that comes out of this crowing rooster, be prepared to laugh

How’s your day going so far? Well, whether your day is going great or if you can’t wait for it to be over already, it’s always a good idea to take a break and get a good laugh in. And the rooster in the video below will definitely help you with that.
Now you may already know roosters love crowing in the morning and wake everybody up in the process. They typically like to crow just before or at the crack of dawn. The reason why hasn’t been fully understood, although there were several studies conducted on the subject.
In a way, roosters are pretty much nature’s alarm clock. And just like any alarm clock, they come with a variety of tones. That being said, the rooster in the video below has an “alarm tone” that is sure to wake everybody up in the morning.
You may have heard roosters crowing before, but I bet you’ve never heard a rooster do it this way ever before. It actually sounds like it’s laughing hysterically – which is what you’ll do after watching this video.
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