Located in Zhangjiajie, in China’s Hunan Province, the world’s highest bridge attracts thousands of tourists who have an appeal for adventure every year. The bridge measure 430 meters long and a staggering 300 meters above the ground, so it’s definitely not your average bridge.
To make things even more interesting, this one-of-a-kind bridge that connects two tall cliffs is made entirely out of glass, which is bound to give you chills, even if you are a daredevil!
Completed in December 2015, the bridge can hold up to 800 people at the same time and cost no less than $3.4M to build.
So far, the spectacular structure has already set world records for its architecture and construction, which is no surprise considering its unique design that features 99 panes of three-layered transparent glass.
But although it’s a construction marvel, the real reason so many people come to visit is to experience the extreme sensation that comes with crossing a bridge that leaves little room for avoiding your fears.
And believe it or not, major events like weddings have taken place here.
If you are afraid of heights, this will definitely make your palms sweat. Would you dare to walk across this bridge?