Woman Goes Off On Hilarious Rant After “Hot” Cop Pulls Her Over.

No one wants to get pulled over by the cops, because it usually ends up with them getting a ticket, and that’s the best case scenario. No one likes having to interact with police officers holding them accountable for something they did wrong, but the woman in the video below actually ain’t mad about it.
You see, the woman who also happens to be a comedian got pulled over by a member of law enforcement. Her friend who is also a comedian decided to video record the entire interaction between them two.
Now, generally speaking, when someone decides to record a conversation or interaction between a police officer and a civilian, it’s usually to make a case against one or the other or have proof that something was going on. I mean, we’ll all seen those videos showcasing unjustified police brutality or civilians assaulting officers.
But this video has nothing to do with that. The reason the comedian decided to record his friend talking to the police officer was because the woman went on a hilarious rant that revolved around how gorgeous she thought the police officer was.
The woman praised the man’s good-looks for an entire minute, and even said that if police departments from all over the country would employ more officers who looked like him, there will be no more cases of aggression.
Titled “My Encounter with Officer Dreamy,” this clip is for sure the funniest civilian-police officer interaction to ever be captured on video, so make sure to watch it all the way to the end.

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