Woman Frequently Visits Hair Salon Never Thinking Anything of It, Turns Out She’s Wrong

Usually, a visit to the salon gets you a new hairstyle, a new hair color or an entirely new look. But in the case of the woman in the video below, a visit to the salon to get her hair dyed saved her life.
Eileen Korey has been going to the same salon for the past decade to make sure her gorgeous red locks always look great. But during one of her visit, Eileen’s colorist noticed something strange on her scalp as she was getting ready to dye her hair as usual.
There was a dark spot on her scalp, and the stylist remembered that the spot wasn’t there last month when Eileen had come to her regular appointment. So she suggested she would pay a visit to her dermatologist, just to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong.
The dermatologist decided to do a biopsy of the abnormal spot, and the biopsy came back positive for melanoma, which is one of the most aggressive forms of skin cancer. Luckily, the woman was diagnosed before the cancer cells had a chance to spread below the layer of skin on her scalp.
Had it not been for her colorist noticing the spot on her scalp, things could have been a lot worse.

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