Woman finds a 60-year-old wedding dress. When she reads the hidden note, she’s in tears!

The wedding dress is extremely important for all brides. Many women dream about finding the perfect wedding dress long before dreaming about finding the perfect guy. They envision everything starting from the style of the gown to how many buttons it should have on the back. All brides have different tastes, but there’s one thing they have in common: they all want their wedding dresses to be special.
Special is definitely the right word to describe the wedding dress in the images below. The woman who found it found more than just a pretty dress. That’s because the dress came with a beautiful story.
Nicola works at a thrift store in the United Kingdom that specializes in the sale of second-hand wedding dresses. One day as she was unloading a new bag of donations, she came across a gorgeous wedding dress that is most likely from the 50s. The dress was in great condition considering that’s more than 60 years old, but that’s not even the best part about it.
Inside the dress, Nicola found a note that made her day and reminded her about the true meaning of getting married, namely to celebrate love. The note read the following: “I wish any lady who takes this dress to have a life with her loved one 56 years like I did. Happy years. I was a lucky man to marry a lady like mine.”
In hopes of finding the man who wrote such an endearing message, Nicola shred some photos of the note and the dress on her Facebook account. You can help spread the word out and maybe find the lovely old man who wrote the beautiful message if you share this post.








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