Wife Spots Husband Battling ‘Black Ice’ In Driveway, Captured Footage Has Laughing Out Loud

Winter is a wonderful time of the year, but we have to admit there are some downsides that come with the season as well. One of them has to be icy roads. These not only can lead to an increase in the number of accidents of the road but can also make small, common household chores impossible to complete.
Something as simple as taking the trash down to the curb on trash day can turn out to be a mission impossible that not even Tom Cruise could pull off. Don’t believe me? Just ask the man in the video below.
His wife watching from the window of their house took a hilarious video of him trying to make it up his icy driveway with a trash can only to fail miserably due to black ice, which, as you know, is ice that has frozen onto the road. The icy appears clear or completely black which makes it quite dangerous because it can easily go unnoticed until it is too late.
If this doesn’t make you laugh out loud, then I don’t know what will. Take a look and don’t forget to spread the joy by sharing this hilarious footage with everyone you know.

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