Drone footage shows rare albino reindeer roaming through Norwegian wilderness

In his attempt to capture on video some of the dramatic landscapes of Norway, a drone enthusiast has spotted an extremely rare creature. He managed to record a rare white reindeer in a remote area of Bodo in Norway. The exact location hasn’t been disclosed to protect the sacred creature!

Even short, the footage shows the majestic creature roaming through the green fields searching for food. The reindeer gets a little bit scared when the drone reduces its altitude for a closer look. It jumps and runs away, but it then stops to investigate the intruder. However the rare creature decides to take no risks and then he runs away in the woods.

The drone operator on the other side respects the wild animal’s privacy and decided to fly his drone away as more of it might send the animal in distress. Even the footage is a little bit old is a reminder of how majestic and fascinating these rare creature are.

Unfortunately for albino reindeers, their eye catching white coat is more like a curse for them. They are extremely vulnerable to predators due to their inability to camouflage. On the other hand as all the albino animals they also suffer from poor eye sight – a big disadvantage in their attempt to find food.

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