He walks into an empty shipping container. When he opens his mouth, I am FLOORED!

When we think about famous music stars, we immediately picture a luxurious lifestyle, expensive clothes, private planes, and all kinds of things that many of us can only afford to dream about. With the entertainment machine working at full speed, it’s sometimes hard to forget that even the most famous singers we see nowadays on cover of the most famous magazines were once just regular folks just like you and I.
It’s hard to look past that “glossy” exterior and remember that most celebrities weren’t actually born famous. But the reality is that many artists that now singles that break all kinds of records online started off singing in their parents’ garage or in their rooms.
Justin Bieber, for instance, became famous after his mom posted a video of him singing on YouTube. We all know how things unraveled from then on.
The point is this: We all have to start somewhere. Talented people are everywhere. Just look at the man in the video below. By his modest exterior and judging by the fact that he sings from a shipping container, you may be tempted to overlook him.
But you would be making a mistake. Taking advantage of the great acoustic, the man showcased his incredible voice.

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