Wait until you see what this sleeping puppy does when his favorite song comes on!

It’s hard to remember a time when ‘Let It Go,’ the famous song from Frozen, wasn’t a part of our lives. Whether you’re a kid, a grownup, or an elderly person, chances are you know most of the song’s lyrics. It wasn’t long ago when you couldn’t as much as turn on the radio without having to listen to the song at least a few times.
Now, you know how pets can pick up on human behavior, right? Well, it turns out that it applies when it comes to music tastes as well. The dog in the video below has most likely heard the song from Frozen so many times that he became familiar with it. Now, whenever he hears the song, he has as immediate reaction to it. And it’s totally hilarious!
The dog’s ears perk up, his eyes lighten up and he even starts singing along to his favorite song. The dog loves waking up to the song, so his owners make sure to always have a copy at hand whenever they take their dog on a car ride with them.
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