Waffle House security guard notices man sobbing with son, tells them to get in his car

It’s easy to see why many people would feel like they are just too small to make a difference for the better or help others. There are so many awful things that happen in this world and so many people who need help that it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to finding a way to leave your mark and change something.
But everything needs to start somewhere. The story shown in the video below shows how a simple act of kindness is enough to inspire others.
It all started with a security guard at a waffle house who noticed a homeless father sobbing in his car and invited him and his young son to live in his apartment. After news outlets reported on that story, many people reached out and asked what they could do to help. In other words, things were set into motion.
And the homeless father received the help he needed to get back on his feet and start his new life. The man got his own apartment and is now able to provide a better living to his young son.
This is definitely the kind of videos and messages we should all share more often; don’t you think?

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