John Vincent, a Vietnam veteran and Patch, a 6-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix have been best buddies over the last few years. Unfortunately, John’s health condition got worst last week and he was admitted to hospice care. But what was even worst for the 69-year-old who served as a Marine, he was forced to gave up to his beloved dog.

The veteran has no family, so after he was hospitalized in Albuquerque, New Mexico, his four-legged companion ended up to Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare Department. Adam Ricci, chief of field operation at the shelter, told CNN it was the the standard practice in situations like this.

But after a couple of days, Ricci got a phone call from a social worker at the hospice, who asked for a special request. As Vincent did not have too much time left, his last wish was to hug his beloved Patch, for the final time. Of course, there was only one answer from Ricci. “It was an immediate ‘yes’ from us. So, we worked with the VA to get things organized,” he told CNN.

The Animal Welfare shared the touching reunion on Facebook and it melts heart all over. “Vincent wanted to see his dog one last time. Yesterday we were able to make their final reunion happen,” the organization wrote in a Facebook post.

The two spent the whole day together and they looked so happy together. “We left Patch there with Mr. Vincent for the whole day, so they could spend one last day together,” Ricci said. “It was such a heartwarming moment!”