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Considering everything going on in the world right now and all the tragic events that have unfolded lately, it’s easy to think about the worst and conclude that the world is broken beyond repair.
But then there are videos like this one that reminds us that we’re all born with a good heart and an ability to make the right decisions. No baby is born full of hatred and capable of discriminating others based on gender, skin color, or any other things that can make us believe we are not all the same.
The two children in the video below don’t see the differences that exist between them and just love each other in the purest way possible. The only thing they want is for their siblings to let them hug for a little bit longer. We can all stand to learn a powerful lesson about how we should treat each other just by witnessing this beautiful moment of compassion.
If we would just treat each other with more kindness and focus more on the things that make us alike rather that obsess over what makes us different, the world would definitely be a better place.

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