Veteran posts dying wish on Facebook. The next day, hundreds of bikers show up to grant him it

Many people misjudge bikers as being this group of load, violent people. But once you actually get to know them, you realize they are actually one big brotherhood who looks after one another.
Being on a bike and riding with your brothers while you listen to the roar of the engine and you see the open road ahead of you is a feeling like no other, a feeling that gets in your blood and stays with you forever.
Jon Stanley was so passionate about being on a motorcycle that he made it his dying wish to hear the roar of a motorcycle one last time. To honor his wish, fellow bikers came together, and the result is going viral.
Hundreds of bikers, both friends and strangers, joined forces to ride and gather outside of his South Bend home to grant Jon’s final wish. Although extremely sick, the man was able to join the bikers in a sidecar for a few minutes.
He lived to see his wish become a reality, but sadly, Stanley lost his battle with terminal cancer soon after the emotional tribute fellow bikers paid him.
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