This Vegetarian Ate Meat For The First Time In 22 Years And She Completely Lost It

Being a vegetarian is very trendy these days. People are giving out meat for all kinds of reasons, though. Whether it’s to lose weight, lower their cholesterol, or just because their friends are vegetarians and they want to feel included, more and more people from across the world are saying “No” to meat.
Sure, everybody has the right to decided what they want to put into their bodies, but the truth is that many people can’t imagine life without eating meat at least a few days a week.
Well, the woman in the video below managed to resist eating meant for more than two decades (wow, right). Stephanie Potakis, casting director at The Onion, hasn’t consumed meats since fourth grade. During all this time, she hasn’t eaten meat, not even a single time. I would imagine that one can forget how the taste of any food, giving all this time.
To remind her how meat tastes like, The A.V. Club took her at one of Chicago’s best restaurants and fed her expensive meats.
Judging by her reaction, I guess it’s safe to say this won’t be the last time she eats something that once belonged to a live animal.

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