Two Siblings Sing Rendition Of Famous Adele Song – The Reggae Style Is What Gets It 70 Million Views

Adele’s song “Hello” broke all kinds of records since it was released in October of 2015. The piano ballad with soul influences has reached the hearts of millions of people from all over the world with its beautiful melody and powerful lyrics that talk about nostalgia and regret.
Adele’s song is one that received appreciation from music critics as well, not just the general public. What’s more, many publications ranked it as one of the top songs of the years, praising Adele’s incredible vocals.
Considering the song was a smashing success – reaching number one in every single country that charted it – it’s no surprise that many artists and singers were enthusiastic about recording their own versions of the song.
From up-the-beat versions that made the song sound brand new to soulful performances that bring tears to your eyes, there is a “Hello” rendition to fit every style and preference. But even though you’ve probably listened to countless renditions of the song so far, chances are you’ve never heard a reggae version quite like the one captured in the video below.
Performed by 14-year-old Rosie Delmah and her brother Nicholas Murray, the version is one unlike anything you’ve heard before. Rosie and Nicholas are from the Solomon Islands and reggae is very much a part of their culture.
The two have grown up listening to this style of music, which is why they’ve decided to combine it with one of their favorite songs, “Hello.” The result is a viral video that showcases not only their impressive pipes but also their intriguing personalities.
Shot in a beautiful, exotic location, the clip will give you all the feels. Take a look and Share!

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