Turtle lost his back legs so vets built a very fancy wheelchair for him

When Pedro, the turtle was adopted he already had one back leg missing. But shortly after, the tiny creature managed to lose the other one, too, making him unable to walk anymore.

Thankfully for Pedro and his owner, the vets from  LSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine came up with a brilliant idea so Pedro could walk again.

“There was nothing medically wrong with him,” Ginger Guttner, the communications manager for LSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine told CNN. “But of course he didn’t have any back legs, so our doctors quickly had to figure out what they were going to do.”

Therefore, using a Lego car kit, the vets managed to create a fancy wheelchair for Pedro and, more than that, they gave him the chance to have a normal life again.

“Veterinary medicine often requires this MacGyver-like quality,” Guttner told CNN. “I would say the majority of special equipment we use has been fashioned or re-fashioned for a specific case.”

However, Pedro is not the only pet who regained his normal life, thanks to LSU specialists. “Our patients can be two grams or 2000 pounds, so we often have to look at things from a completely different perspective,” Guttner added.

Source https://edition.cnn.com

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