Having trouble sleeping? Here’s how to fall asleep in just 1 minute

Specialists have stressed how important it is to get plenty of rest time and time again. Not getting enough sleep is extremely bad for your health and can lead to problems which go well beyond you feeling grumpy all day long.
In addition to you being unable to concentrate and give it your best at work, a continuous lack of sleep can also lead to sudden weight gain and an increase of stress levels. What’s more, all those sleepless nights puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, such heart disease and diabetes. Not to mention the fact that it actually shortens your life expectancy.
The cost of not getting enough sleep is significant, but what do you do when you just can’t fall asleep? We’ve all experienced those nights when no matter how early we go to bed, our minds just can’t seem to be able to switch off long enough for us to fall asleep. Whether it’s an important meeting the next day, money problems or family stuff, there are many issues that can keep us up at night.
However, before you resort to more drastic measures such as sleeping pills of therapy, know that there is actually a simple method that can help you fall asleep in just one minute. This technique is all about focusing on your breathing to relax your mind and body using five simple steps.
This technique really works! Give it a try the next time you are having trouble falling asleep and get ready to experience the powerful benefits of getting a good night’s sleep – every single night.
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