Triplets Grow Up Without Parents, Find Jobs to Support Themselves. Look at Them Now

The Yeckes triplets have encounter more hardships than most of us can imagine. Having experienced the loss of both parents and the stints of being homeless, the only thing they could rely on in their lives was each other.
But despite all the immense obstacles life has set in their way, they managed to defy all odds and are now graduating from Valley High School on top.
Sierra, Kassidy, and Haley have overcome a mountain of obstacles to be where they are today, and they managed to do so thanks to the incredible connection that exists between them. The siblings have always relied on each other, and it’s what kept them on the right track all these years after losing their parents.
“I think if we hadn’t had that, if we were all single children or if we were even different ages we’d be in a different situation,” one of the girls told a local news crew team.
All girls worked jobs to support themselves while going to school, which seems like an impossible thing to do. Most of the time, they felt like it was too much for them to handle, but every day, they woke up and did it all over again.
And with some help and advice from the local community, the girls made it all the way to graduation day, a day they say was one of the happiest of their lives.
These young siblings are definitely an inspiration, so the FOX5 Surprise Squad wanted to surprise them on their big day. Here’s how they did it:

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