Heroic conductor stops train to save turtle stuck on tracks

A helpless turtle found itself in very big troubles after getting stuck on train trucks. Just when the tiny creature thought it was running out of time, an unexpected help came out of nowhere.

Earlier this month, Serhat Topal from Turkey was on his regular route, when all of a sudden he spotted a tiny creature that was struggling to get itself out of the train trucks. In a pure display of kindness, the conductor stopped the train he was driving, got out of it and saved a turtle found in desperate need of help.

YouTube/Bağımsız Kocaeli

The Good Samaritan took the animal into his hands, inspected it for potential injuries and after noticing it was unharmed, he just released the turtle over the fence, where it would be out of any danger.

“It was a turtle trying to cross the tracks toward the countryside, but he was stuck,” Serhat told The Dodo. “I think he was scared.”

YouTube/Bağımsız Kocaeli

Since the conductor’s gesture lead to a delay of the train, he had to explain the passengers the reason behind it. Unsurprisingly, everyone was so happy when they found out why they had to wait a little longer than usual.

“All living things are our friends, and we should approach them with love,” the kind conductor said. “Everyone should consider this their duty. I have simply done my duty.”

The beautiful scene was caught on camera by the streetcar company’s security cameras. You can watch it, bellow. Enjoy it!

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