A town in Minnesota is dealing with an UNUSUAL menace that is scaring people like crazy—FRIGHTENING

Halloween is coming up, and many of us are already thinking about what to wear for the night. Well, if you haven’t picked up a costume yet, may this post will give you an idea. How about dressing as s scary clown wearing an orange jumpsuit? You will definitely not going to be left unnoticed and maybe even scare a person or two.
But while many of us would expect to see someone wearing a clown costume at a Halloween party, not the same can be said about seeing someone dressed that way on a regular night.
On a campus university in Washington, many students and neighbors are freaking out, and they have all reasons to do so. Many have reported seeing what appears to be a man dressed as a clown, just standing in the dark, alone, without moving. It’s impossible not to notice him, say the people who live in the area. The scary clown isn’t talking back. He just stares at people.
Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting shivers down my spine just looking at that picture of the clown. Can you imagine seeing him in reality, standing just a few feet away from you?

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