Tow truck driver spots a wrecked blue car off the road. Then he hears a mumble for help

Some say that everything happens for a reason. Well, even if you have a hard time accepting that as the truth, there’s no denying that some things that happen are hard to explain through reason and logic.
Some things just seem meant to happen. The story shown in the video below definitely falls under this category. Robert Hooper, a driver for All Star Automotive Repair and Towing, was doing his job as usual. But what he thought was just an ordinary day turned out to be a day that he will never forget.
It all started after the man responded to a call coming from a 69-year-old named Janie Smith. The gas pedal on her car just gave out on her and she was forced to call for help. But as Robert was going through his routine of loading Janie’s car up onto the ramp, he heard an unusual noise coming from the distance.
Then Janie pointed out to a blue car that was down in a ditch nearby. The car was in pretty bad condition, but Robert decided to take a closer look and see if there are any survivors. Then is when he spotted Steven Ackerman, a 23-year-old husband and father.
Here’s what happened next!

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