Injured tortoise receives world’s first 3D-printed shell

The chances of survival were very slim, for this tortoise, after being caught in a bushfire in Brazil. Even though he got rescued by a group of volunteers, things were looking very bad for the poor tortoise as he lost over 80% of his shell in that fire!

However, the vets at The Animal Avengers were sure they’ll find a way to help the injured tortoise out. And so they did! Among the group was a a 3D designer who came up with the brilliant idea of building a 3D shell for Freddy, hoy they named the tortoise.

“Freddy was the first tortoise in the world to receive a fully rebuilt hull and the first creature that we, as a newly formed group of animal rescuers, decided to help,” said graphic designer Cicero Moraes. “It took about 40 photos [to create the 3D shell]. We took a healthy animal, took the same 40 photos, reconstructed that animal in 3D and put it into the computer.”

After finishing the design, Moraes sent it to Dr Paulo Miamoto, a dental surgeon. Dr. Miamoto turned it into reality with the help of a 3D printer. Then it was only a formality to fit it on Freddy, which looks more than happy to have a shell once again.

Freddy is now living with the vet who saved him in the first place, Rodrigo Rabello. “This is a mark in veterinary medicine,” the vet told Fantastico. “From now on we will have a new age. Specially when it comes to wild animals. It’s a total satisfaction, we’ll always strain to save a life, no matter whose.”

h/t: boredpanda | sciencealert

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