Toddler won’t sleep without her giant furry friends and they refuse to leave her

Being a mother is not the easiest job, but things may change a bit of you get some extra help. Well, for this mom, the support she’s been seeking for comes from her dogs. When her 2-year-old daughter refuses to go to sleep, her mother came up with a brilliant solution, she invited her three dogs and the cat into the toddler’s room. But although the baby girl eventually fell asleep (after many attempts, though) the dogs decided to stay next to her a bit longer. The mother wasn’t too happy with that though!

Life with Malamutes

Since she was born, Amelia grew very fond of the family’s giant dogs, and they soon turned into some great friends. So when the little human needed help, her furry siblings were always there by her side. It is what also happened, when Amelia went trough a delicate time – ‘the terrible two’s,’ how her mum calls it. That meant the little girl refuses to go to sleep at the same hour as usual.

Life with Malamutes

“Amelia has to rebel now, but when she’s tired herself out wants all her best friends there to sleep beside her,” Amelia’s mother wrote on YouTube. “The terrible 2’s are coming! She’s staying up late and wont go to sleep unless her pets are there! When she eventually does fall asleep they refuse to leave her! Never ending!”

On her YouTube channel – Life with Malamutes – Amelia’s mother shares some truly adorable videos of her daughter sleeping with her furry friends, and they are nothing but charming. In one of the videos, the toddler somehow managed to fall asleep, but not in her crib as she should, but in her parents’ bed. Phil, the giant Husky and their cat Milo were also next to Amelia, and they refused to leave her side. They eventually left, after the mother insistences!

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