Heartwarming moment a tiny puppy gives some love to a massive horse

Animals tend to posses the unique ability of sharing incredible friendships, regardless the size or the species. When it comes to unlikely bonds between animals, dogs are always there. Apparently, the men’s best friend, can easily be called everyone’s best buddy. Watching this pint-sized puppy giving some kisses to a massive majestic horse is all about that!

Vily – a cute little Pekinese, and his owner were visiting the Horseland Horse Center in Decka Simanovci, Serbia, when the tiny pup wanted to share a tender moment with Tristian – a majestic horse. Needless to say it was love at first sight, between them!

Considerably bigger, Tristian was in heaven when his tiny new buddy gave him some kisses. “While I was visiting the Horse Center a friend of mine wanted to introduce her horse to Vily and a friendship was born between the horse and the dog.” Vily’s dad, Zile Bocevsk said. “They are best of friends now!”

Even short, the heart-warming footage is a reminder to all human beings, that love and kindness is all we need for a better world. But after all, we still have a lot to learn from animals. Watch the adorable moment between Vily and Tristian, here:

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