Sweet tiny pony who could barely walk finally gets the chance to run

Unfortunately for this mini pony, he was born “barely able to walk,” so due to his serious problems he was surrendered to an animal sanctuary. But fortunately for him, that changed his life, forever. Pumpkin how they named the dwarf pony, was brought to the Fate Farm and Sanctuary. Here he met Ashley DiFelice, a big-hearted woman who was more than happy to help the poor creature out.


“Because of the way Pumpkin is bred, she ended up being a dwarf pony,” Ashley explained for THE DODO. “The family didn’t have the resources to fix her legs, so they surrendered Pumpkin to us.

Due to his struggling the vets recommended to be kept inside a stall as his ankles couldn’t stand his own weight. But Ashley knew she had to do something more to help the little one to explore the world on his own feet.

“When I saw in real life that it was all four legs that were affected, I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to help her,” the optimistic woman said. “But no matter how many people tell us, ‘you can’t fix that’, we always try. As long as I see Pumpkin have that will to live, then I want to keep fighting for her.”


She thought some braces could help him so they visited a specialist. But even so, nothing could have guarantee Pumpkin would walk again. “All four braces on any animal is very tough,” vet surgeon Derrick Campana said. “It’s going to be about her spirit and her will- let’s take it one step at a time.”


So when the day come for Pumpkin to wear the special braces Dr. Derrick specially designed for him, everyone was so excited. However, things didn’t went as planned for the cute pony as his legs were blending make it impossible to walk. But the surgeon decided to make some changes. However he was aware that too much tension in the braces could have been even worst, but in order to improve the helpless pony’s life they had to try.


Surprisingly, the second time Pumpkin fitted perfectly into his new braces and he left everyone open mouthed when he started to run. An overwhelming moment for everyone involved. Needless to mention the joy on Pumpkin’s face! “You can just see how happy she is,” Ashley said. “It’s like she knew that her life had just got better.This is exactly what we hoped for.”

Watch the adorable scene, here:

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