Overly-excited dancing mule wants to impress momma, but slips on wet mud

Many people like to turn up the music and start dancing whenever they feel sad or happy. Dance is a universal language that brings people together and instantly elevates your mood. It’s also a great way to burn some calories, or get close to that person you fancy at the club. There are definitely a lot of benefits you’d stand to gain by moving your body to the rhythm of music.

Valerie Stafford

As it turns out, we humans are not the only ones who appreciate the benefits! The energetic mule is also a skilled dancer, and his moves will definitely put a smile on your face. Even though he’s only 8-week-old, the mule already has a strong, bubbly personality. Raven has the time of his life jumping up and down and he’s not too shy to do it in front of the camera either.

Valerie Stafford

With his mom standing right by his side, the mule feels safe enough to experiment with new moves and see what his body can do. The mule sure looks like he has a lot of fun goofing around! As far as animal video go, this one is definitely worth the watch!

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