Tim Conway reveals the joke that made a co-star wet his pants on The Carol Burnett Show

Great comedians can do incredible things. They can make you laugh so hard that you can barely breathe. And, as it turns out, sometimes comedians make each other laugh so hard that embarrassing accidents happen right there on the set.
Legendary comedian Tim Conway revealed a hilarious moment in his career during a recent interview with Conan O’Brien. While they were shooting a scene, Conway’s acting partner and co-start of Carol Burnett Show Harvey Korman wet himself from laughing so hard.
They were doing a scene that was actually inspired by a real moment Conway got to experience when he was in the military. Then, a lieutenant who was supposed to pull his tooth out accidently shot himself in the arm with the needle and injected himself with a dose of Novocain. Despite his arm going completely numb, the lieutenant wanted to carry on with the procedure.
Having witnessed the scene in real life, Tom Conway did an excellent job pretending to be that lieutenant in the sketch. His performance was so hilarious that his scene partner couldn’t control himself- or his bodily fluids.
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