She throws her shoe across the yard. Now watch what the duck does — WHOA!

One of the best things about being a dog owner is that you always have someone to play with. And when it comes to playing, there’s nothing dogs like more than fetching the ball. It’s an awesome game for both dogs and dog owners.
But as it turns out, you don’t actually have to be a dog owner to play fetch. I’ve seen other animals act like dogs via video, starting with cats and ending with Guinea pigs. But have you ever seen a duck play fetch just like a dog before?
I’m going to go on a limb here and say you haven’t. Well, here’s your chance. The duck in the video below surely thinks she’s a dog judging by her surprising behavior. Every time her owners throws her shoe in the yard, the duck immediately runs after it and brings it right back to her carrying the shoe in its beak. The funny thing is that the duck acts like it’s all very natural; like she acts on instinct or something like that, which is totally weird.
This is something you need to see to believe, so go ahead and check out the video below.

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