First waterpark just for dogs opens in Spain and it’s every pup lover’s dream

The summer is already here and while for humans is much more easier to handle the heat, not the same we might say about our furry friends. While we can’t wait a hot sunny day, just to find an excuse for an all day long trip to the pool, for our dogs the heatwave might be a truly nightmare. Well, from now on, you should not worry about anymore, because a five star summer facility just opened its gates and guess what, it is exclusively for dogs!

Image credits Perros al Agua

Perros al Agua is a dog waterpark at a few minutes away from Barcelona, Spain and the only problem with this place is getting the pups out of water. The dog paradise is fully equipped with swimming pools, waterslides, beaches or inflatables all designed for puppies. And since many of its visitors came accompanied by their dear humans, the place also includes a restaurant, where you can serve a very delicious hot-dog.

The owner, Federico Cano said the inspiration to build the place came after he watched a footage of some waterparks in the US that allow dogs in, once a year at the of the season. So he thought why not to create a place where dogs to enjoy the summertime the whole season and not just a day or two.

“[I] thought it would be a good idea to have a permanent waterpark for dogs here in Spain,” he told La Vanguardia. “I don’t see why dogs should not be allowed to enjoy a swim when the weather gets hot just like people can. I designed it so that it was a little bit like a beach with a gradual slope that is exactly what dogs appreciate.”

With a warm climate and sunny days much of the year, the facility proved to be very popular place among dog owners, not just in Spania, but abroad too. The park is the perfect place for a pup to hide from the heatwave. More than that, a short visit to the park and it won’t be necessary to walk your dog in the afternoon, to make sure he’s having a good sleep. “Take the dog to the resort for an hour and I can guarantee that it will sleep for the next two days,” the owner of the resort said. “People don’t realise the dogs really love the water but they often don’t get the chance to enjoy splashing around.”

Image credits Perros al Agua

So, if you’re planning a trip to Spain this summer, don’t forget to take your dog with you and to visit this canine paradise.

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