This Polish Christmas ad is the most powerful you’ll see this year

It’s the run-up to Christmas and that special spirit can be felt everywhere. Now it’s all about hope, love and kindness. Needless to mention that all roads lead home, this time of the year. Because there isn’t a better place to be at Christmas than home, surrounded by family and friends.

As we got used to, out of these twinkly lights, lovely music or Christmas markets, this magical time come with some moving ads, too. And, every year, at least one of them brings uncontrollable tears, even to those hard-hearted. It’s also the case of this Polish commercial. Actually, I pretty sure you won’t see a more powerful ad this year.

Like we mentioned above, Christmas brings families together and this add is all about that. The tear-jerking video was created by Allegro, a very popular Polish online auction. Called “English for beginners,” the add show an elderly man hardly trying to learn English. And as the video goes on, the man’s level increases, but only find the real reason of his dedication, at the end of it. Of course, the man’s best friend could not have been missed from such a touching commercial.

The man, who only speaks Polish is about to reunite with his son who lives in the UK. He’ll also meet his grandson, whose first language is English. The grandfather’s situation is representative from a lot of people, not only in Poland, but in the Eastern Europe. “Everyone in Poland has or knows someone who is in such a situation, so in some way it is a true story, ” Allegro’s brand manager Michal Bonarowski, said.

According to reports, around one million Polish-born people are living in the UK. Watch the touching add, here:


h/t: mashable

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