Baby Elephant Touches This Girl’s Face. Now Watch His Reaction – It’s Priceless!

It’s pretty common knowledge that babies learn by touch. During the first year of life, this is an important method through which they discover more about the world around them. As adults, we notice babies always grabbing their parent’s hair, nose, and pretty much any other thing they can reach with their tiny arms.

When they notice a certain feature about a fellow human, they instinctively check themselves to see if they have a similar body part. For instance, if a baby manages to touch the nose of one of their parents, she or he will immediately put their hands on their own noses. So, you get the point.

Now, a similar behavior can be noticed in the video below. The incredible thing is that it comes from a baby elephant.

The tiny elephant is trying to figure out why the human he is playing with doesn’t have a trunk like he does. Elephants are known for using their trunk to express their love and affection, so most likely, the baby elephant was just looking for a way to better communicate with the girl.

This moment is extremely beautiful to watch! Elephants are such amazing creatures.

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