This Boxer is Her New Best Friend

They say it takes a village to raise a baby, but did anyone thought about including pets in this as well? Well, whoever came up with this statement definitely should, because pets have proved to be an indispensable source of support for parents raising a child.
In the case of the family in the video below, a pet boxer named Prince is just as skilled as looking after their baby girl as any human nanny. What’s more, Prince does an awesome job keeping the baby entertained while her parents are busy dealing with the 100 things on their to-do list
In fact, the baby girl and the Boxer are best friends, and there’s nothing they would rather do than spend time together. What’s more, Prince has his own tricks when it comes to entertaining the baby so that she never gets bored.
Luckily, mom managed to take a video of them two playing together on a casual day, and the result is going viral. Their antics will instantly brighten up your day, so go ahead and take a look.
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