Thirsty armadillo flags down driver to ask for water

A kind man in Brazil has saved a helpless creature’s life thanks to his instinct. Cledson Matias de Oliveira was driving down a remote roadway when he spotted something that looked like a tiny animal, in the middle of the road. Without a second thought, the driver pulled over to investigate. He soon realized there was a tiny armadillo in need of help.


It was a very hot day, so the kind man immediately assumed the little one was thirsty. So he grabbed the adorable tiny creature out of the road and gave it some water from his car. Later, Matias explained his beautiful gesture saying the little one was actually flagging down his car, so he knew he had to pull over.


Speaking for THE DODO, Matias said: “The armadillo stood as if he were asking for something. I believe he was asking for help, so I immediately stopped the car, without thinking twice. He drank the water with great desire. He was really happy [I stopped]. I could feel it at the moment!”

He also captured on his cellphone the adorable encounter with the sweet animal and shared it online. Take a look:

Even they’re not happy with human presence, in this particularly situation, the armadillo remained with the man who helped him, for a while. Matias said it was just like they were meant to meet each other. At some point, the man even though to take the lonely animal home, but then he told himself the little one should definitely stay in the wild. No matter how hard that might be!

However, Matias was so glad he could helped the tiny being. “I believe he understood that I was there to help him,” he said. “It was magical and unique. It was very pleasant and gratifying.”

h/t: borepanda

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