Thieving fox found with an impressive collection of over 100 stolen shoes

It is in a fox’s nature to be sly and mischievous, but even so a red fox in German neighborhood took thieving to a whole new level. Driven by its affinity to fashion, the four-legged creature was found responsible for over 100 stolen shoes, including sandals, crocs, flip-flops and even trainers.

It all came together after the residents of Zehlendorf, a neighbourhood in Berlin, Germany ,noticed their shoes were inexplicable kept missing. The bizarre situation kept going for weeks with no one able to explain the odd shoes disappearance. That until the innocent thief was caught red-handed.

The thieving fox as well as its impressive shoes stash, has been exposed after a resident took Facebook to post about his missing shoes. Christian Mayer was hopping mad when realized his brand new shoes was gone missing, so he shared the experience on a local Facebook group. It is how he found out he isn’t alone in this.

Shortly after, the man got tip from a member of that group and this way he was able to spot the culprit fox in the neighborhood. Even then, the thief was spotted carrying a pair of blue shoes in its mouth. So Mayer decided to follow it in his attempt to solve the mystery. It is how he discovered over 100 shoes hidden in a green area of the neighborhood.

Unfortunately for Mayer, he wasn’t able to find his shoes among the impressive stash he discovered, despite his detective work. However, thanks to him, some of the residents was able to recover their missing shoes. Well, those still wearable!

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