Bernard Curtis Brown II would be 29 years old today. He’d likely have graduated college, perhaps have married the girl he loves, or be planning children of his own. But we’ll never know, because his life, and the lives of seven other precious children, were stolen from them on 9/11.

On two planes set for various destinations including Disneyland and a school related convention, eight children found themselves face-to-face the unspeakable events.

From United Airlines Flight 175:

Christine Lee Hanson, 2. She going for her first Disneyland visit. Christine was the youngest 9/11 hero

David Brandhorst, 3. He was the adopted son of Daniel Brandhorst and Ronald Gamboa, and was on his way home to Los Angeles with his parents. (Photo Credit:

Juliana Valentine McCourt, 4. She was also bound for Disneyland, with her mother and godmother, but they were on separate planes. (Photo Credit:

From American Airlines Flight 77:

Bernard Curtis Brown II, 11. Bernard was one of three extraordinary students headed for the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary off the California coast for an educational conference. His father worked at the Pentagon but was away that day. (Photo Credit: Fantastic Flags)

Asia Cottom, 11. Asia was also headed to the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary along with her two classmates. A memorial scholarship fund honors her short life for students seeking degrees in STEM. (Photo Credit: Bracelets for America Remembers)

Rodney Dickens, 11. Rodney was traveling with classmates Bernard and Asia. He reportedly enjoyed helping other students with their homework, and loved Pokemon. (Photo Credit: Fantastic Flags)

Sisters Dana Falkenberg, 3, and Zoe Falkenberg, 8. The girls were traveling with their parents on a family trip to Australia.

They are forever young, and I like to think there’s a Disneyland somewhere in Heaven where these eight precious angels are spending eternity in happiness and light.