These horses can grow moustaches and they’re awesome

Animal world is as weird as fascinating and not once it took us by surprise. For instance, some snaps showing horses with full-grown moustaches have recently surfaced online, leaving everyone baffled. And it couldn’t had been other reaction after all, because you don’t have the chance to see things like this , every day.

Even if it sounds more like a fairytale, horses with moustaches are as real as breathing. However, not all horse species could proud themselves with a d’Artagnan look. The moustache is common in Gypsy Vanner horse breed, but according to some people, this isn’t the only breed that can grow a stash.

A Gypsy Vanner’farm even offers an explanation for these majestic horses’ hipster moustaches. “You will notice, if the horse is not clipped, that it will most likely have a mustache that curls up along the horse’s lips and an abundance of jaw hair, often referred to as a beard, will also be much longer than that of other breeds. Some may be so long that the beard hair comes down to the horse’s bottom lip,” the Old Mill Farm website reads.

As expected, the internet was in shock with the adorable photos. “I had no idea this was a real thing,” one user wrote in a tweet.

While some declared themselves pretty jealous. “This horse can grow a better mustache than me,” someone wrote.

(h/t: boredpanda)

Here are some lovely photos of some awesome beardy horses!

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