Viral photos show lovely way farmers protect calves’ ears from frostbite

We all have been through that times when our moms forced us to wear hats, gloves and scarf to stay away from the cold. Well, even if wearing them wasn’t to comfortable they really helped a lot. So now I am wondering, does anyone care about the little animals as our parents used to care about us?

Well, it turns out this farmer threat his calves just as children. He just made some earmuffs to protect  the tiny animals from frostbite and they look adorable. It is no wonder why photos showing little calves wearing pink earmuffs instantly went viral!

According to vets, it is actually indicated to cover the newborn calves’ ears as the frostbite risks are very high, because “they are wet and because they have a large surface area in relation to their total body mass.”

“Frozen ears and tails result in changes of cattle appearance but do not affect cattle performance significantly. Frozen feet generally result in a calf that must be put to sleep or will die. Occasionally teats of a recently calved cow freeze resulting in mastitis and frequently loss of milk production in at least one quarter of the udder,”Dr. W. Dee Whittier wrote in his scientific work ‘Calves and the Cold.’

The doctor also made a list of recommendations in case of frostbite. According to him, it is essential to detect it as soon as possible, to provide dry conditions for the newborn calves, thaw tissues.

“The effect of wind is often referred to as wind chill and tells how living things ‘feel the temperature.’ Wind chill is often many degrees colder than the actual temperature. Humidity has a large effect on cold as well since humid air can take more warmth away from animals,” Dr. Whittier paper works also reads.

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