Adorable footage shows the striking beauty of an Arctic wolf

The Arctic world is definitely the toughest on Earth. But despite these extremely hostile condition, the north pole is home for a large variety of animals. Only the thought they live in this eternal frozen world make them special. It is in their nature!


The Arctic wolf also known as the polar wolf is alongside the polar bear the top predator in this frosty world. Nevertheless, it plays a crucial role in the ecosystem. But there are little things we know about these elusive creatures. Fortunately, the Wolf Conservation Center help us to better understand the importance of these iconic animals.

Youtube/ Screenshot

In a one minute short footage, the Conservation Center wanted to show the world the striking beauty of the Arctic wolves. Nikai, one of the center’s four ambassadors is captured on camera while displaying its powerful melodious howl. With such footages, the center hopes to “teach the public about wolves and their vital role in the environment.”

Beyond their breathtaking beauty, wolves also play a vital role in their ecosystems. The Arctic wolves are a sub-species of the more popular grey wolves, and they’re naturally designed to live in some of the most harsh conditions on planet Earth.

(h/t: WhiteWolf)

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