The otter seeks refuge on a man’s boat while narrowly escaping the jaws of the killer whale

John Dornellas, 37, recently found himself in the middle of a gripping chase between a killer whale and its potential meal, an otter.
Dornellas, who is associated with an exploration company in Alaska and also conducts boat tours, witnessed an intense life-and-death struggle unfold right in front of him.

While out on his boat, Dornellas noticed a stir in the water. Upon closer observation, he realized that a creature was rapidly swimming towards his boat in a desperate bid to escape a killer whale. The advancing dorsal fin of the whale was evident as the terrified otter endeavored to evade its predator.

In a surprising turn of events, the otter surfaced and sought sanctuary on Dornellas’s boat. Dornellas, astounded by what he was witnessing, can be heard exclaiming, “You’ve got to be kidding me,” as he filmed the incident. He then encouragingly says to the otter, “Come on bud.”

Over the following minutes, the otter remained safe on board, while the killer whale continued to circle, seeking its prey. In a moment of uncertainty, the otter plunges back into the water, only to quickly change its mind and return to the safety of the boat. The incredible encounter can be seen in the video below. Press play to witness this intense episode, which, thankfully, ended well for the little otter!

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