The heart-breaking moment firefighter’s son awarded medal for fallen firefighter dad

The son of a volunteer firefighter who fallen while fighting bushfire in Australia received his father’s medal for bravery.
Harvey Keaton, 19 month old, wore a uniform while receiving his father’s post-mortem medal at the funeral on Thursday, near Sydney. At the same time, dozens of firefighters formed an honor guard to greet Geoffrey Keaton’s coffin. Photos released by the Fire Service showed the child held by his mother while looking at the coffin. A mug with the message “Dad, I love you until the moon and back!” Is seen on the coffin.
Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons can be seen bending down to pin the award on Harvey’s shirt as the young boy stands patiently.

Fiancee Jess Hayes and young son Harvey were part of a long procession of fire trucks that drove to the service in tribute to Mr Keaton.

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