The family wakes up to find a wild bear sleeping in their closet

An unexpected guest was discovered by a Missoula family, comfortably snoozing in their closet – a black bear! Deputies from the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office attended to an early morning call concerning a black bear found in repose in the family’s home.

In an intriguing turn of events, the black bear had “entered the mud room of this home and seemingly managed to shut the door behind him,” as elucidated by the sheriff’s office in a Facebook post. “Unable to find an exit, the bear began wreaking havoc in the room before deciding he needed a rest, subsequently climbing into the closet for a snooze.”

That’s where the deputies discovered him – nestled on a shelf, fast asleep.

“When the deputies rapped on the window, the bear showed little interest. He leisurely stretched, yawned, and with mild annoyance, looked towards the door,” they further detailed. Undaunted, deputies attempted to coax the bear to voluntarily leave.

“Ultimately, deputies managed to unlock the door, hoping he would descend and exit,” the post further outlined. “However, all their efforts were met with several languid bear yawns.”

The bear exhibited no urgency to vacate the premises. Consequently, the deputies escalated the matter. Assistance arrived in the form of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, who tranquilized the bear to facilitate its relocation. The bear’s intended short nap unexpectedly extended, albeit in his best interest.

“The homeowners expressed relief at the bear’s safe removal, but the memory of this unexpected visitor seeking bear necessities will linger for a while!” said the sheriff’s office.

In a lighter vein, they urged residents to secure their doors, humorously likening the bear incident to the Goldilocks story. “Here’s another reason to ensure everything’s locked – we’ve received unverified reports that he attempted to enter two other closets before deeming this one suitable (just kidding)! But on a serious note, do lock up!”

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